Bed Sores and Pressure Ulcers

Bed sores and pressure sores -- also known as decubitus ulcers -- are among the most-common injuries suffered in nursing homes. Resulting from prolonged periods of immobility and other factors, bed sores can also be extremely dangerous, with severe ulcers requiring surgery and having the potential to lead to fatal complications.

With appropriate care, bed sores are preventable. In fact, in nursing homes, bed sores should not happen. If you or a senior loved one living in a nursing home appears to have a pressure ulcer, you should seek medical attention promptly, and we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation about your legal rights.

Signs and Symptoms of Decubitus Ulcers (Bed Sores)

Bed sores and pressure ulcers are classified in stages – Stage I through Stage IV. Each stage is characterized by progressively-worsening symptoms, and seeking treatment as soon as possible can be critical to minimizing the painful and damaging effects of these nursing home injuries. Unfortunately, in many cases seniors living in nursing homes are unable to get the treatment they need quickly, and family members will often be unaware that their loved ones are suffering without the help they need from their caregivers. Nursing home staff who are to blame for residents’ bed sores may also attempt to hide the symptoms, and may even tell residents not to seek outside help.

The signs and symptoms of pressure ulcers typically include:

  • Stage I – A red, purple or blue patch of skin that does not turn white when pressed; tenderness or itching at the injury site; skin that feels warm, cold or firm.
  • Stage II – An open sore or abrasion on the surface of the skin; minor swelling; continued discoloration; oozing.
  • Stage III – A crater-like injury that extends below the surface of the skin; yellowing of the skin tissue; pain and discoloration extending beyond the initial injury site.
  • Stage IV – Deepening of the injury to the muscle, bone, tendon or joint below the skin; exposed muscle or bone; dry or dead skin tissue.

How The Villages Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Helps Victims of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we bring more than 20 years’ experience to helping seniors who are suffering due to nursing home neglect and abuse. When you contact us for help:

  • We can provide referrals to trusted physicians in The Villages or Central Florida’s other retirement communities.
  • We can help get you or your loved one out of an abusive nursing home.
  • We can provide you with information about other nursing homes and various long-term care alternatives.
  • We can help you seek financial compensation for you or your loved one’s medical expenses, pain and suffering; and other losses.

Our services always begin with a free, no-obligation consultation, and we do not charge any legal fees unless we secure a financial recovery. To speak with attorney Tim Babiarz in confidence, please call (352) 205-7599 or send us your contact information online today. Located in The Villages, we help seniors injured in nursing homes throughout Central Florida.