Being Hit by a Golf Cart Can Have Fatal Consequences

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August 31, 2018 - Golf Cart Accidents

Because golf carts are smaller than passenger vehicles and do not generally travel as fast as passenger vehicles, many people have serious misconceptions about the potential damage that this mode of transportation can do if an accident happens. The harm from a golf cart collision is very real, and those who are victimized by an accident with a golf cart should contact The Villages golf cart accident attorney to find out how to best pursue a remedy against whomever was responsible for hurting them.

Unfortunately, not all victims involved in golf cart accidents are able to survive when a collision with a cart occurs. In fact, just recently, Daily Commercial reported on a woman who was hit by a golf cart in The Villages and who was killed by the collision. In the event that a golf cart accident turns out to be a fatal crash, it is important to ensure that family members understand their rights to pursue a wrongful death claim. An attorney can help with this process, much as a lawyer provides assistance to victims who survive accidents but who need to fight for full and fair compensation for injuries they experienced.

Fatal Golf Cart Accident Shows Tragic Consequences for Those Involved in Accidents

According to the Daily Commercial, a 68-year-old woman was recently hit by a golf cart while the older woman was walking in the golf cart lane.  At the time when the incident happened, eyewitnesses indicated they had seen two golf carts driving south in the golf cart lane. One of the golf carts was following directly behind the other.

The first cart came upon the victim who was walking within the golf cart lane and that cart was successfully able to move around the woman without causing injury. Unfortunately, the driver in the second golf cart that was following the first one did not see the woman who was walking. The driver of the second golf cart hit the 69-year old. Pedestrian. The victim was hit from behind.

The older victim was taken to the hospital in order to provide treatment for her injuries that resulted from the impact of the golf cart accident. Sadly, the victim did not recover from the incident and she died two weeks after the accident had occurred. 

Tragic incidents such as this one are far too common, especially as pedestrians have no protection from the impact of a golf cart accident and are more likely to be seriously hurt as a result of the force of the crash than motorists who are in other vehicles, including other golf carts.

The Villages golf cart accident attorney can provide help after fatal accidents or after collisions that cause serious injury. Whatever your situation, an attorney can provide you with help so you can get the money you need to compensate you for damages and to help you to move on with the medical help you need to maximize recovery.

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