Golf Cart Rollover

Rollovers are among the most-dangerous types of golf cart accidents for senior citizens. When golf carts roll over, senior drivers and passengers often are ejected and can suffer a wide range of traumatic injuries, from laceration and open wound injuries and bone fractures to life-threatening brain and spinal cord damage. While they may not be capable of traveling at high speeds, golf carts not only present many of the same risks as ordinary cars and trucks, but they present many unique dangers as well.

Why Are Golf Cart Rollover Accidents So Common?

Each year, we see numerous cases in The Villages and the surrounding Central Florida retirement communities in which senior residents have been tragically injured or killed in golf cart rollovers. While each case is unique, there are usually a number of common factors involved. Some of the leading causes of golf cart rollover crashes include:

  • Negligent drivers of passenger vehicles and other golf carts
  • Road and path obstructions
  • Defective golf cart design
  • Defective road, path or golf course design
  • Negligent road or path maintenance

For example, if the slope of a golf cart path or the grass leading up to a tee box is too steep, a golf cart being operated in a safe and prudent manner can be at risk for rolling over. Likewise, if an obstruction in a road or path (such as landscaping material) forces a golf cart driver to brake or swerve suddenly on a hill, this too can lead to a rollover accident. These are just two examples -- there are far too many more to list. If you or a loved one has been injured in a golf cart rollover, you owe it to yourself and to your family to speak with an attorney about your legal rights.

The Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Tim Babiarz Can Help

Located in The Villages, the Babiarz Law Firm, PA is committed to representing local residents and their families who are suffering in the wake of serious and fatal golf cart accidents. Our firm is led by attorney Tim Babiarz, an experienced advocate in personal injury and wrongful death matters and an authority in the area of golf cart safety. With experience in well over 100 golf cart accident cases, including numerous cases involving golf cart rollovers, Mr. Babiarz has earned a reputation as a trusted and effective representative for Central Florida’s senior residents and families throughout Florida.

Whether you or a senior family member was injured in a golf cart rollover, or a member of your family was killed in a rollover wreck, your losses are likely to be far greater than you realize. At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we can help you understand your options, and we can accurately calculate your current and future losses to help ensure that you receive a full and fair financial recovery.

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