Head Trauma

Head trauma -- suffering a direct blunt-force or penetrating blow to the head -- is a common type of injury in vehicle collisions and other accidents, and it can have devastating consequences. Head trauma can cause irreversible brain damage, with severe injuries having the potential to lead to death.

Anyone who hits their head in an accident -- or even thinks they hit their head in an accident -- should seek prompt medical attention. Symptoms from traumatic head injuries will often manifest slowly over time, and many types of head and brain injuries can worsen without medical intervention. While seniors can be particularly at risk for long-term and permanent damage from head injuries, anyone who suffers a traumatic head injury should approach their condition as a possible medical emergency.

Experienced Representation for Head Injury Claims

The Babiarz Law Firm, PA is a personal injury and wrongful death law firm located in The Villages, FL. Our firm’s founder, attorney Tim Babiarz, has been representing residents of The Villages® and other Central Florida communities for more than two decades. Mr. Babiarz has a proven track record of success in motor vehicle, golf cart; and other accident cases involving traumatic head injuries. With all credit to our firm’s appellate Superman and co-counsel, Brian Gowdy, we have successfully prosecuted numerous cases on appeal.

Seeking Financial Compensation for “Open” and “Closed” Head Injuries

While there are many different ways to classify head injuries and brain trauma, one of the simplest is to distinguish between “open” and “closed” head trauma. An “open” injury refers to any injury in which a foreign object penetrates the skull, while a “closed” injury involves non-penetrating blunt-force trauma (for example, hitting a dashboard or window in an auto accident). Although closed head injuries are far more common and generally tend to be “less severe,” severity is a highly-relative concept in the context of traumatic brain injuries. Both open and closed head injuries can be life-changing (if not life-threatening).

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we help individuals and families seek financial compensation for open and closed head injuries from trauma including:

  • Aneurysms (bulge or balloon in wall of blood vessel)
  • Anoxic brain injuries (lack of oxygen)
  • Cerebral infarction (CVA or stroke from blockage of blood flow to brain)
  • Coma
  • Concussions
  • Contusions
  • Diffuse axonal injuries (severe shearing or tearing of nerve fibers in severe brain injury)
  • Hypoxic brain injuries (lack of oxygen)
  • Hematomas (solid swelling of clotted blood)
  • Injuries to the occipital, parietal and temporal lobes
  • Intracranial and subarachnoid hemorrhages (bleeding)
  • Seizures

When representing clients diagnosed with brain trauma and other serious injuries, we focus on ensuring that their long-term needs will be met. We know the effects that traumatic injuries can have on victims and their families; and we are passionate about fighting for the full and fair compensation our clients deserve. While we are able to resolve some cases through favorable settlements with the insurance companies outside of litigation, our goal in every case is to maximize our client’s financial recovery. Therefore, when necessary, we will file suit and prepare the case for trial to protect our clients.

Get Help for Your Traumatic Head Injury

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