Can You See The Unmarked Step Down Here? Our elderly client did not and suffered a badly fractured hip.

Unmarked Curb stops

Curb stops -- also known as parking blocks and wheel stops -- are designed to help prevent drivers from hitting sidewalks and other vehicles while parking. Unfortunately, they often are not designed or installed with pedestrians and traffic paths in mind. Unmarked or poorly placed curb stops can present dangerous trip hazards for pedestrians, and they can cause automobile and golf cart crashes when placed in unexpected locations.

If you were injured in a fall or vehicle accident involving an unmarked curb stop, you are probably feeling more than just the physical effects of your injuries. Especially for seniors, the financial costs of traumatic injuries can be staggering. Beyond the costs of emergency medical care, seniors who have been injured in accidents will often require long-term treatment and therapy, and complications from orthopedic and brain injuries (such as concussions) can substantially increase the physical, financial; and emotional consequences of traumatic accidents as well.

Parking Lot Accident FAQs: Unmarked Curb Stops

Understanding what to do after a parking lot accident can be complicated. These Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) answers will help you protect your right to recover the costs of your medical treatment and seek compensation for the other effects of your injuries. For personalized legal advice, we invite you to schedule a free consultation:

Q: Are property owners required to clearly mark curb stops?

In many cases, yes. Under Florida law, property owners have a legal responsibility to avoid creating safety hazards for their patrons and guests. If an unmarked curb stop presents a risk that someone could fall or crash their car or golf cart, then it likely needs to be painted or marked with a sign under the law of premises liability.

Q: Should I have seen the curb stop even though it was unmarked?

No, not necessarily. You have a lot to be cautious about when walking; and, if you are like most people, you will be focused on avoiding oncoming vehicles rather than looking down at the ground.

Q: How can I have my medical bills paid if I was injured in a parking lot?

If you were injured by an unmarked curb stop, the owner of the property where you were injured could be financially responsible for a portion or all of your injury-related losses. This includes your current and future medical expenses. While these cases are generally resolved through the property owner’s insurance, to protect your rights, you will need an attorney who has your best interests in mind.

Q: What if it has been a while since I was injured?

In Florida, you have two years to seek financial compensation for a property-related injury. So, there is a good chance that we can still help you assert your legal rights. If you do not remember when the accident occurred, we can review your medical records to determine whether you are still potentially eligible for compensation.

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