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Elmiron is a popular drug used to treat interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder disease. Unfortunately, it has also been linked to a harmful eye condition that could damage your retinas and threaten your ability to see.

Anyone who has experienced blurred vision, dark spots or trouble reading, focusing and adapting to light after using Elmiron should seek the attention of an experienced eye doctor or retina specialist. If you have been diagnosed with retinal damage, you have the right to hold the companies behind Elmiron responsible for the harm caused by the drug

The Villages Elmiron attorney Tim Babiarz helps people injured by harmful medications hold drug companies accountable and get the full compensation available under the law. He is a tenacious litigator with decades of experience fighting on behalf of people injured through no fault of their own.

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Elmiron Linked to Eye Damage

Elmiron is the only pill approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Association to treat interstitial cystitis, which causes chronic pain in the bladder and pelvis. The disease affects more than 1 million people in the country, mostly women.

Although the medication has been prescribed for decades, recent studies have shown a link to retinal damage that could impair people’s ability to see. A Kaiser study showed that nearly a quarter of the 91 women taking Elmiron who were contacted reported significant retina damage.

At least some of the research points to long-term use, but the amount of the drug that may be harmful is still unknown. The subjects in the Kaiser study had been using Elmiron for at least five years.

Elmiron Lawsuits

The health concerns have sparked a number of lawsuits on behalf of Elmiron users who have developed retinal damage and vision problems. 

The lawsuits assert that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes the drug, did not do enough to protect users from the harm caused by the product. They also allege that the company did not do enough adequately to warn prescribing doctors and patients of the risk of using the drug.

Anyone who has developed eye damage after using Elmiron has the right to take similar legal action. Such action could include joining with other people who have also been injured by the drug in a single lawsuit. This option can help leverage claims to maximize the compensation -- for medical bills, any impact on your ability to earn a living; and pain and aggravation damages for people injured by Elmiron.

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