Golf Cart Accident Attorney In The Villages

If you are like most residents of The Villages and other retirement communities throughout Central Florida, you bought a golf cart as a safer, easier alternative to driving your car or truck. Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation for many retirees in senior living communities, and they can be the perfect complement to the relaxed-pace retirement lifestyle.

Unfortunately, what many people do not realize when they buy golf carts is just how dangerous golf cart accidents can be -- and how common. In fact, until they hear about their friends being injured in accidents or experience accidents themselves, many golf cart owners do not give a second thought to the possibility of being seriously harmed in a golf cart side rollover, ejection; or collision. Yet, these accidents are a regular occurrence in The Villages and wherever golf carts are used as primary transportation.

The good news is that victims may be entitled to compensation and have a right to seek legal counsel. With the help of an experienced The Villages golf cart accident attorney, your chances of obtaining the full and fair damages you deserve are higher. That is why we are here.

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we have been representing victims in golf cart injury cases, including golf cart insurance claims and civil lawsuits, since 1996. We are committed to helping you attain justice and the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Should You File a Golf Cart Injury Claim?

If you suffered injuries in a golf cart accident, it is important that you speak with an attorney. The Babiarz Law Firm, PA was the first dedicated personal injury law firm to open a full-time office in The Villages®, and founding attorney Tim Babiarz is recognized as a leader in the areas of golf cart safety and golf cart accident cases. If you contact us, Mr. Babiarz will be happy to meet with you personally to discuss your case, answer your questions; and help you decide whether to pursue a claim for compensation.

With more than two decades of experience in personal injury claims and litigation, including successful jury trial experience, golf cart accident lawyer Mr. Babiarz has the background needed successfully to represent seniors diagnosed with injuries including:

  • Abrasions, lacerations and burns
  • Acute respiratory injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Carpal tunnel injuries
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Other severe and life-threatening injuries

While your health insurance may cover all or a portion of your medical treatment and recovery expenses resulting from the accident, relying on your health insurance alone may not be your best option for a full recovery. You are also likely to have losses (such as pain and suffering) that are not covered by health insurance. When you meet with Mr. Babiarz, he will discuss these issues with you so that you can make informed decisions about your medical care, your insurance options; and your financial recovery.

The Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Tim Babiarz Fights for You

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we are passionate about golf cart safety. We know the consequences that seniors and their families can face when golf cart accidents lead to serious injuries, and we sincerely care about making sure that our clients have the best possible chance to make a full recovery. If you would like to speak with a lawyer about a golf cart accident in The Villages®, Bushnell, Lady Lake, Oxford, Summerfield, Wildwood, Ocala; or elsewhere in Central Florida, we invite you to give us a call. We welcome calls from local residents, as well as their children and other loved ones.

Your initial consultation is free, and we do not charge any legal fees unless we help you recover. We are truly here to help. To find out if you have a case, call golf cart accident attorney Tim Babiarz at (352) 205-7599 or send us a message online today.