Reckless and Unsafe Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are subject to the same safety laws as everyone else. When truckers hit the road, they have to adhere to the speed limit, they have to yield to oncoming traffic, and they have to maintain a safe following distance just like drivers of cars, vans and SUVs. There are also safety regulations particular to truckers, including hours of service, driver’s log requirements, driver’s qualifications; etc.

However, also like other drivers, many truck drivers choose not to obey the law. The high (and rising) number of serious commercial truck accidents in Florida and across the United States is evidence that truckers often put deadlines, personal conversations and other priorities ahead of staying safe behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the consequences of reckless and unsafe truck driving tend to be far more severe, and it is usually other motorists and their passengers who are forced to live with consequences of truckers’ careless mistakes.

Our Lawyer Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for Accidents by Reckless and Unsafe Drivers

Located in The Villages, Florida, the Babiarz Law Firm, PA is dedicated exclusively to representing individuals and families in claims for personal injury and wrongful death. Founded by Tim Babiarz, an attorney with more than two decades of legal experience, our firm brings an uncompromising passion for justice to every case we handle. We know how truck wrecks can affect victims and their families -- because we have seen it first-hand -- and it is this knowledge that drives us to fight for the best possible result while giving careful consideration to our clients’ personal needs and circumstances.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for Truck Driver’s Mistakes

In truck accident cases involving allegations of driver negligence, most often, we pursue compensation from the truck driver’s employer. There are usually multiple grounds to seek compensation from trucking companies when their drivers cause accidents, and we pursue all theories of recovery in order to maximize our clients’ financial compensation. In a typical case involving a reckless or unsafe truck driver, we will file claims based upon:

  • Trucking Company Negligence – Trucking companies owe certain legal duties to ensure that they do not put dangerous drivers on the road. When trucking companies hire unlicensed and inexperienced drivers, fail to provide adequate driver training, force drivers to spend too many hours behind the wheel (in violation of motor carrier safety regulations); and make other mistakes, they can be held financially responsible for the consequences of their poor decisions.
  • Vicarious Liability for Truck Driver Negligence – Trucking companies can also be held liable for drivers’ mistakes under the theory of “vicarious liability.” In Florida, the law of vicarious liability states that employers are legally responsible for the acts of their employees undertaken within the scope of employment.

Like other types of auto crashes, most truck accident cases get resolved through settlements with the insurance companies. At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we seek to resolve our clients’ cases whenever possible without litigation (and we have secured many favorable settlements for truck accident victims and their families). However, Mr. Babiarz is also a highly-experienced litigator; and, when necessary, we do not shy away from filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties and preparing our clients’ cases against the trucking companies for trial.

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