Representative Cases

Sometimes achieving justice in a case results in leaving a legacy on an important point of case law (such as golf cart law).  Cases also come in various sizes, including big, medium and small in terms of their value.  As a  result, we handle and try cases that are big, medium and sometimes small.  Below are some examples of past results on behalf of our clients.


  • $2,338,911 Bench trial verdict
    • Auto driver suffered two neck surgeries, shoulder surgery and numerous injections, as result of crash caused by drunk driver of rented moving van.
  • $1,730,165 Jury Verdict
    • 78-year-old was involved in automobile crash involving a landscaping truck and landscape trailer that was uninsured. Client was cut out of his vehicle by emergency personnel and was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center. He suffered from a crushed left foot with multiple pin fixation, fracture of left femur, left hip fracture with internal fixation; left arm fracture to humerus with internal fixation and a fractured right hand with internal fixation.
  • $1,250,000 Settlement in Litigation.
    • Client was a passenger of a vehicle involved in an automobile crash. Injuries sustained in the crash included five broken ribs, internal bleeding (spleen was removed), bruised lungs, bruised heart, broken left femur at the hip; and heart bypass surgery. A hemiarthoplasty of the left femur and hip was subsequently performed. Client was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center and spent five (5) weeks in a coma. Settlement was obtained from four different policies.
  • $1,350,000 Total recovery
    • Auto passenger who suffered knee trauma to his prosthetic knee requiring multiple knee revision surgeries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

  • $910,000 Settlement  
    • Marion County Client's vehicle was rear-ended at a significant rate of speed by a distracted driver. Client was airlifted to Shands Hospital where he was hospitalized for twelve (12) days with severe head injuries.
  • $900,000 Settlement
    • 72-year-old client involved in a golf cart accident in which the at-fault driver ran a stop sign and struck the golf cart, ejecting client onto the pavement. Client suffered traumatic brain injury from a severe subdural hematoma and subsequently underwent a craniotomy surgery.

Wrongful Death/Large Truck Cases

  • Confidential settlement
    • Automobile passenger’s family for wrongful death arising out of auto/dump truck crash.
  • $1,425,000 Settlement at Mediation
    • This crash involved a mother and daughter as driver and passenger who were struck head on by a tractor trailer after it lost control. The mother suffered fatal injuries and the daughter suffered a fractured hip, muscle and tendon problems in her elbow and facial lacerations requiring cosmetic surgery. The mother was survived by her husband, daughter and minor son.

Golf Cart Accidents

  • $900,000 Settlement  
    • (See this case under Traumatic Brain Injury section above)
  • $200,000 Recovery
    • Ejected golf cart driver who suffered comminuted fracture of calcaneus (heel) and other injuries after auto carelessly turned in front of her.
  • $70,515 Jury Verdict (with fees and costs)
    • A highly intoxicated resident of The Villages chose to attempt to drive his golf cart home after a night out. After veering out of his golf cart lane and bouncing off a SUV, he struck our client's golf cart, fracturing the client's right wrist and causing carpal tunnel injury. It was an honor to represent our client -- a Villages resident and retired Trial Judge from Cleveland, Ohio. Click here to read more about "Important Golf Cart Caselaw" arising out of this case.

Premises Liability

  • $160,000 Settlement at Mediation
    • A lawsuit was filed in this case involving an 89-year-old client who fell on a deceptively designed brick walkway at a resort, a brick design that concealed a step at the front entrance of the building. Client suffered a left hip intertrochanteric fracture.
  • $325,000 Recovery
    • Retiree who suffered shoulder injuries in fall over curb in poorly lit parking lot. Fractured shoulder injury surgically repaired with IM rod subsequently developed Avascular Necrosis requiring total reverse shoulder arthroplasty.
  • $200,000 Recovery
    • Fall over unpainted curb stop by retiree resulted in subdural hematoma requiring craniotomy/evacuation surgery.

Insurance Cases

  • $79,605 Settlement (Six Days Prior to Trial)
    • Property damage fire and theft claim of client's vehicle. Property damage insurance carrier alleged fraud and misrepresentation by client, which was ultimately unsubstantiated. Lawsuit resulted in total loss settlement of client's vehicle and an attorneys’ fee award for the time spent establishing insurance coverage.
  • $95,000 Jury Verdict on Insurance Coverage
    • This trip and fall case resulting in our retiree client's 9 day hospitalization for a serious knee injury was caused by a dog leash that was negligently tied to a bush in a pedestrian traffic area.  The insurance claim went to the jury on the issue of whether the damage was caused by the dog. The jury’s verdict resulted in insurance coverage for the full damages.

Other Injury Cases


  • $265,000 Recovery.
    • Careless left turn by motorist results in retiree scooter driver’s multiple injuries including fractured shoulder blade, multiple (9) fractured ribs and fractured clavicle; among other injuries.

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