Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife accidents -- we see them on the nightly news when traffic on Interstate 75 or Florida’s Turnpike is backed up for miles, but we never expect them to happen to us. We wonder what life must be like for those unfortunate victims who are forced to deal with the aftermath of a major pileup, but we never think that one day we may count ourselves among those who have been forced to cope with the consequences of an improperly maintained tractor-trailer or a truck driver’s mistake.

But, then it happens. Whether you personally are involved in an accident with a jackknifed tractor trailer or a loved one is injured or killed, suddenly you know the reality of facing life after one of these accidents all too well. You know that the medical bills can quickly become insurmountable, and you know that your life will never truly be the same.

Passionate Representation for Victims of Tractor Trailer Accidents

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we bring decades of experience in representing tractor trailer accident victims and their families in Central Florida. With offices in The Villages, we handle cases involving accidents in and around Ocala, Summerfield, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Wildwood and other communities throughout Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties and Central Florida. If you were injured in a jackknife accident, or if you need to file a wrongful death claim for the loss of a loved one, we are here to help you assert your legal rights. Florida law entitles truck accident victims to full and fair compensation for their losses, and we want to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Common Factors in Central Florida Jackknife Accidents

In a jackknife accident, the cargo trailer attached to a semi truck tractor “folds” forward. In many cases, the rear of the trailer actually passes the front of the truck, so that the truck’s cab and the trailer are facing nearly opposite directions. While some jackknife wrecks lead to rollovers, in many cases the truck remains upright. But, in either scenario, a jackknife accident can have devastating consequences for nearby motorists and passengers.

What causes semi trucks to jackknife? Jackknifes typically occur due to erratic driving or under harsh braking. When a truck carrying a heavy load swerves or attempts to stop or slow down suddenly, the weight of the cargo can cause the trailer to push forward, resulting in a jackknife crash. As a result, common factors in jackknife accidents include:

  • Distracted and inattentive driving (e.g., texting or talking behind the wheel)
  • Truck driver fatigue and over hours of service behind the wheel
  • Speeding (including driving too fast for road conditions), reckless driving; and other forms of driver negligence
  • Cargo loading errors (e.g., overloading trucks, failing to balance cargo loads; and failing to secure properly trailer cargo)
  • Truck defect and maintenance issues (e.g., faulty brakes and bald tires)

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