Rollover Truck Accidents

While accidents involving truck rollovers account for a relatively small percentage of commercial truck collisions, they account for some of the greatest financial and emotional losses for victims and their families. Truck rollovers frequently result in multi-vehicle collisions, and enforcing your legal rights while dealing with the insurance companies and coping with your medical recovery can seem overwhelming.

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we put a team of experienced professionals on your side. Founding attorney Tim Babiarz has been representing accident victims for more than 20 years, and we have an experienced investigator and retired insurance adjuster on staff who lends expertise to every truck accident case we handle. Our legal team also includes a litigation paralegal and legal assistant who are devoted to providing the best client service and addressing our clients’ needs as quickly as possible.

Proving Fault in Rollover Truck Accidents

As with all types of truck accident cases, after a rollover accident, it is important to investigate promptly. When we take your case, we will seek to identify all possible causes of the accident so that we can seek full and fair compensation for your losses. Some of the types of issues we look for include:

  • Speeding – Speeding is a common factor in truck rollovers. Whether exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast for current road, weather or traffic conditions, truck drivers who fail to account for the risk of a speed-induced rollover are frequently to blame in rollover accidents.
  • Following Too Closely and Driver Inattentiveness – In addition to speeding, other truck driver errors are common factors in rollover crashes as well. For example, in many cases, truck drivers are forced to brake suddenly because they are following too closely, they are fatigued; or they are distracted from the road ahead. This sudden braking can cause tractor trailers to jackknife, which can in turn lead to a rollover.
  • Cargo Loading Errors – Cargo loading errors can contribute to truck rollovers as well. If a truck’s load is unbalanced, exceeds the truck’s maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or has not been properly secured, the weight of the cargo can be a factor in causing the truck driver to lose control.
  • Truck Defects and Maintenance Issues – From brake failures and tire blowouts to transmission issues and faulty accelerators, truck defect and maintenance issues can also lead to rollovers. When these types of issues lead to accidents, truck manufacturers, trucking companies, and maintenance and repair shops can all potentially be held legally responsible.
  • Road Defects and Maintenance Issues – Potholes, sinkholes, low shoulders and other issues with road design, construction and maintenance can all cause commercial trucks to roll over at highway speeds. These types of issues will frequently lead to claims against the government, and with government claims there are special timelines and procedures involved.

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