Unsafe/Defective Equipment

Large commercial trucks are some of the most complicated vehicles on the road. Virtually all components and equipment on large trucks have the potential to fail; and, when they do, the consequences can be severe.

While large-scale vehicle recalls occasionally make headlines, vehicle defects -- including those involving commercial trucks-- are far more common than most people would like to imagine. From tires to cargo straps, equipment malfunctions occur with alarming frequency. When an unsafe or defective piece of equipment causes an accident, the victims deserve to be compensated, and the responsible parties deserve to be held accountable.

Our Lawyers in The Villages Pursue Compensation for Accidents by Defective Truck Parts

At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, attorney Tim Babiarz leads a team of legal professionals who bring decades of experience to representing individuals and families in cases involving unsafe truck equipment and truck defects. From the initial investigation through final resolution -- whether a negotiated settlement or a verdict at trial -- we take a team approach that focuses on using our firm’s resources and the unique facts of our client’s case to pursue and recover full and fair compensation.

Proving Liability for Truck Defects

Proving liability for a truck defect is different from proving liability for driver negligence and other common causes of truck wrecks. This is because, in Florida, defect cases are subject to the law of “strict liability.” This law states that manufacturers and other parties involved in the “chain of distribution” of defective products are liable for injuries caused by product defects regardless of fault. In other words, to recover compensation for a defect, an accident victim does not need to prove negligence. Instead, it is enough to prove that (i) the product was defective, and (ii) the defect caused an accident that led to the victim’s injury. Some of the most common equipment defects involved in truck accident cases include:

  • Defective accelerators
  • Defective brakes and anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Defective cargo straps
  • Defective steering systems and electrical components
  • Defective tires (tire blowouts)
  • Defective trailer hitches
  • Defective transmission systems

However, product defect cases present a number of other challenges. How do you prove that a piece of equipment was defective? How do you prove that the defect (and not some other issue) caused the accident? These are just two of the numerous complex questions that need to be answered, and they make it critical to conduct a thorough investigation as soon as possible. At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, we have a highly-experienced investigator on staff, and with offices in The Villages, we are able efficiently to handle truck wreck cases throughout Central Florida.

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If you would like to speak with an attorney about seeking financial compensation for a truck accident in Central Florida, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation. We offer phone consultations for out-of-state family members, and if you are unable to travel to our offices in The Villages, Mr. Babiarz will gladly come to you. To find out if you have a claim for a truck equipment defect or a negligence-based claim for liability, call the Babiarz Law Firm, PA at (352) 205-7599 or contact us online today.

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