Can You See The Unmarked Step Down Here? Our elderly client did not and suffered a badly fractured hip.

Premises Liability

Trips, falls and other premises-related accidents can cause serious injuries, ranging from bone fractures to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Hip fractures, herniated discs, tears and concussions are all among the most common injuries suffered in trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall accidents, with the consequences often being greatest for senior citizens.

Attorney Tim Babiarz brings more than 20 years’ experience to representing seniors and other individuals who have been injured in premises-related accidents. With offices in The Villages, Mr. Babiarz and the team at the Babiarz Law Firm, PA routinely handle cases throughout Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties. With our firm’s personal and detail-oriented approach, and our focus on protecting our clients’ long-term interests; we have established a long track record of success in negotiations, at trial and on appeal.

Parking Lot and Sidewalk Defects

If you tripped on an uneven sidewalk, fell off a crumbling stair or curb, or tripped because it was too dark to see the curb right in front of you, you may be entitled to financial compensation for a parking lot or sidewalk defect. These types of issues are extremely common, and they are frequently the cause of serious premises-related injuries.

Unmarked Curbs

Unmarked curbs can be dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. Unmarked curbs can be trip hazards for pedestrians. Under Florida law, property owners must avoid creating unnecessary risks for injury for patrons and guests. As a result, similar to parking lot and sidewalk defects, unmarked curbs will often provide grounds for those who have been injured to seek financial compensation.

Unmarked Curb Stops

Curb stops can also present injury risks when not marked appropriately or when placed in an unexpected location. Pedestrian incidents involving unmarked curb stops and poorly placed curb stops are common, with victims often suffering painful and debilitating injuries. It only takes one accident to expose the dangers of an unmarked curb stop, and in many cases curb stops that have been in place for years can cause injuries that will support a claim for financial recovery.

Trip and Fall/Slip and Fall Accidents

Along with the issues discussed above, there are numerous other unexpected property hazards that can cause injuries when you least expect them. We represent individuals and families who have suffered physical, financial and emotional harm due to trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall incidents on all types of public and private premises. Supermarkets, community centers, golf courses, nursing homes, professional offices; and hospitals all have legal responsibilities to protect visitors -- and this is just a small sampling of the types of places where fall-related injuries can lead to claims for compensation.

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