Golf Cart Safety

People often ask me about golf carts and golf cart safety. The truth is that the golf cart community is growing faster and faster as Florida continues to develop gorgeous retirement communities that attract more retirees. One selling point in these retirement communities is their being golf cart accessible. In fact, in some remarkably well planned communities like The Villages®, you can get just about anywhere you could possibly need to go in your golf cart.

With more trips taken by golf carts and with their proliferation as basic transportation within these retirement communities comes more interaction with other vehicle traffic. As the miles driven by golf carts increases, the sheer number of traffic mishaps also increases. In The Villages alone in the past ten (10) years, there have been twenty-one (21) fatalities in golf cart traffic cases according to an un-official 2017 tally from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

A Passion for Golf Cart Safety

Over the past twenty (20) years, our law firm has handled many different types of golf cart injury cases. Our firm’s location in the heart of Florida’s premier retirement community has helped us obtain significant experience in golf cart injury cases, including jury trial experience. As a result, our experience helped create our passion for golf cart safety.

After witnessing first-hand the devastating effects that golf cart injuries have had on many families, we decided to try to change things for the better. Initially, we gathered information, research, case law; and statutes. After filling two (2) huge legal folders with as much golf cart safety information as we could find, we decided to build a website. The name was a natural, so naturally someone else had registered the name. After some haggling, we secured (purchased!) the name and built the website. Check out for free information on keeping safe in your golf cart. You can also email us at for a free brochure on insuring your golf cart.

Another way we tried to encourage golf cart safety was to volunteer as a speaker. In the past few years, we have given many speeches on golf cart safety and insuring your golf cart in and around The Villages, FL.