Truck v. Pedestrian Accidents

Commercial trucks can present significant dangers for pedestrians. These trucks often have severely-limited visibility -- especially at close range -- and truck drivers who are behind schedule, thinking about the next job, or performing a complex maneuver can easily overlook the risk of hitting a pedestrian.

Truck drivers are often not as experienced or attentive as we would like them to be. Aside from truckers who drive 18-wheelers and other large trucks for a living, most commercial drivers are primarily trained to do something else. Movers, utility workers, construction workers, refuse collectors, tow truck drivers -- these are all people for whom truck driving is secondary to their primary occupation.

All of this means that commercial truck wrecks involving pedestrians are far more common than they should be. It also means that these wrecks are frequently the result of some sort of driving mistake. For pedestrians of all ages, the consequences can be devastating, and it can be critical for accident victims and their loved ones to assert their legal rights.

Experienced Representation for Pedestrian Truck Accident Claims in The Villages, FL

Attorney Tim Babiarz brings more than 20 years’ legal experience to representing injured pedestrians and families who have lost loved ones in pedestrian accidents involving commercial trucks. With offices in The Villages, Mr. Babiarz represents local senior residents and out-of-state family members in claims against commercial entities when their drivers cause severe accidents. With the help of a hand-picked legal team and trusted experts, Mr. Babiarz seeks full and fair compensation for accidents such as:

  • Commercial trucks backing into pedestrians
  • Commercial trucks encroaching on pedestrian lanes and golf cart lanes
  • Pedestrian accidents involving drunk and/or distracted truck drivers
  • Intersection and crosswalk accidents involving driver inattentiveness and limited visibility
  • Parking lot collisions involving trucks and pedestrians

Mr. Babiarz also handles other truck-related pedestrian accidents as well. For example, if a delivery driver collides with a pedestrian while pushing a hand truck or creates a trip hazard on a sidewalk or parking lot, these are also situations where unsuspecting pedestrians can suffer significant injuries resulting in claims for financial compensation.

Our firm is available to represent clients who have been injured and lost loved ones in pedestrian accidents throughout Central Florida involving:

  • 18-wheelers
  • Box trucks
  • Delivery trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Moving trucks
  • Semi-trucks and tractor trailers
  • Tow trucks
  • Utility trucks
  • Other commercial trucks and vehicles

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At the Babiarz Law Firm, PA, every case starts with a free consultation. It is important that you make informed decisions, and we encourage you to contact us even if you are not exactly sure what happened. Mr. Babiarz will be happy to explain your situation; and, if warranted, our firm can launch a prompt investigation to collect the evidence needed to protect your rights.

To schedule your free consultation, please call (352) 205-7599 or request an appointment online. If you are unable to travel to our offices in The Villages, Mr. Babiarz will gladly come to you.

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