Can You See The Unmarked Step Down Here? Our elderly client did not and suffered a badly fractured hip.

Unmarked Curbs/Sidewalks

Sidewalk safety is something most people take for granted. As we shop, dine, exercise and go about our day, we assume that any sidewalks we encounter will be safe for walking; and that they will be clearly marked to warn us of any potential dangers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. From unpainted curbs to missing warning signs, there are a number of issues that can cause a normal walk to become disastrous.

If you fell or were injured in an accident because a curb or sidewalk was not clearly marked, our legal team can help. The Babiarz Law Firm, PA is a personal injury law firm located in The Villages that has been helping local seniors recover from traumatic injuries for more than 20 years. We have specific experience in cases involving dangerous sidewalks, and we can help make sure you and your family do not have to face the financial burdens of a property owner’s mistake.

How Dangerous Sidewalks Cause Serious Injuries

There are several ways that dangerous sidewalks can cause serious injuries. For seniors, the dangers of unmarked curbs and sidewalks are often heightened. All falls and accidents can be dangerous; but, science has proven that our bodies become more susceptible to injuries as we age. From head injuries to hip injuries, for residents of Central Florida’s retirement communities, a fall from a curb or an impact in a low-speed accident can be a life-changing event.

Attorney Tim Babiarz represents local seniors and their loved ones who have suffered losses due to all types of accidents involving unmarked sidewalks and curbs. The following are just a few examples of the risks that can lead to serious injuries:

  • If you are walking and do not see an unmarked curb or sidewalk defect, you could trip and fall.
  • If you are pushing a shopping cart or carrying bags and do not see a sidewalk defect, you could fall and seriously injure yourself.
  • If you are walking in a poorly lit area and encounter a pothole or other sidewalk defect, you could trip and fall.

When many people fall on sidewalks and parking lots, they incorrectly assume that either: (i) their injuries are not serious, or (ii) they only have themselves to blame. It is important that you not make these mistakes. It does not take much to cause a serious injury, and Florida’s premises liability laws are specifically designed to hold property owners accountable when deficiencies on their properties cause others harm.

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