Drinking and Golf Cart Driving Do Not Mix, Villages Accident Shows

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November 30, 2021 - Golf Cart Accidents

A recent golf cart accident in The Villages ended with one person injured and another facing a criminal charge. It is the latest example of the serious risk that comes with getting behind the wheel after drinking.

A 69-year-old Villages man was charged with reckless driving with alcohol stemming from a single-vehicle accident in late October, Villages-News reports. The man’s girlfriend was reportedly thrown from his golf cart and struck her head on the ground after the vehicle made an abrupt turn.

The man told police officers that the couple had been drinking at Fenney Grill prior to the accident, according to Villages-News. He said he consumed four beers over the course of two hours before getting in the golf cart to meet a friend elsewhere for drinks.

The woman was airlifted to Ocala Regional Medical Center to be treated for a head injury. 

The golf cart driver “struggled through field sobriety exercises” and later consented to have his blood drawn to test for intoxication, according to Villages-News. He was charged and released on a $500 bond.

Drinking and Driving Puts Lives at Risk

Getting behind the wheel of a golf cart after drinking is a serious mistake that puts everyone else on the road at risk. 

DUI is a leading cause of golf cart accidents in The Villages and across Florida. These crashes are often single-vehicle incidents in which a person is ejected from a golf cart, particularly in situations where drivers and passengers are not wearing seatbelts.

For anyone injured in a golf cart accident involving a drunk driver, it is important to understand that any criminal prosecution against the driver is totally separate from your right to seek compensation for your injuries. 

In order to get money damages - including for medical bills, property damage and the impact on your ability to earn a living - you have to file a separate lawsuit or at least threaten to sue. That means you have to identify the person responsible for the accident and prove that he or she is legally liable.

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