Golf Car Accident Results in the Death of a Teen

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July 31, 2018 - Golf Cart Accidents

Many people ride golf carts to get around town. Unfortunately, when drivers and golf-cart operators are not able to share the road safely or when drivers do not pay careful attention to those in golf carts, tragedy can result.  The Villages golf cart accident attorney can provide help to victims hurt in a crash who wish to pursue compensation after these tragedies.

If a golf cart happens and any motorist is irresponsible and was found to have caused the accident to occur because of his or her negligence, that motorist can be held accountable for losses that occur. An attorney can help victims to pursue a case to receive monetary damages for economic and non-financial loss resulting from injury.  While this doesn't occur in every case and sometimes cart operators are to blame, it's always important to determine whose actions were the direct cause of the crash.

We can assist with determining who was to blame, filing a claim, and pursuing compensation in or out of court. Taking legal action may be very important, especially when incidents cause serious injuries or fatalities. Unfortunately, the consequences when a golf cart accident occurs can often be dire for those within the cart because the cart provides limited protection from the force or impact of a crash.

Just recently, WDPE published a story about a tragic accident that demonstrated first-hand the terrible tragedy that can result when a golf cart and driver collide.

Fatal Golf Cart Accident Causes the Death of a Teen Driver

According to WDPE, a 16-year-old teen was killed recently in a golf cart accident. The teen was driving on the road in a golf cart on a Friday evening.

Preliminary reports indicate that the 16-year-old accident victim did not yield the right-of-way to the driver of a vehicle. As a result, the car ended up being run off of the road in an effort to try to avoid the golf cart.

Unfortunately, the golf cart also ended up running off the road. While the driver of the car survived the motor vehicle going off road, the driver of the golf cart had no protection and, as a result, he sustained much more serious injuries.

The driver of the golf cart was revived on the collision scene by paramedics working to save him – but unfortunately, after he was subsequently taken to the hospital, the young golf cart operator was pronounced dead as a result of injuries caused by the accident.

The teen was one of the many victims who are killed because of golf cart collision. When these crashes happen, determining who is at fault is essential. If the teen was at fault for the crash, the young person's family will not have recourse unless there was a problem with the road design or a problem with the golf cart itself and that problem caused or contributed to the collision and resulting injuries.  However, if the driver of another car was potentially to blame, The Villages Golf Cart Accident Attorney can provide help recovering compensation for damages.

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