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August 17, 2018 - Personal Injury

Becoming involved in an accident is devastating for victims. Those whose family members lose their lives in a collision also face a more dire future without the companionship of the person they cared about.  The Villages injury attorney can provide help to victims and their families in obtaining compensation, although no amount of money or property can make up for a permanent injury or for the grief of losing someone you loved.

One family who lost a loved one in a collision is speaking out about how devastating their loss is, and is urging that steps be taken to make the roads safer to reduce the likelihood another family will suffer the same fate they did. 

The family is urging changes, including specific safety measures, that could improve conditions and make crashes less likely to occur.

Family Fights for Safer Streets After the Death of a Loved One

WSET reported on the family that's speaking out about road safety. According to reports, the family is grieving the loss of a 24-year-old young man. The man was hit and killed in a pedestrian collision which many believe did not have to occur. The accident happened in an area where a small cluster of crashes had already occurred recently, and there were known problems in the area including the fact that there is not enough light for motorists to see at night.

The family of the 24-year-old has expressed concern that authorities are not paying attention and being proactive in preventing the lost lives in this dangerous area.  One thing the family has urged is the addition of more crosswalks, as the young man was killed in an area where there were not really any safe places to cross. As WSET indicates, the nearest crosswalk was actually several blocks away from where the fatal pedestrian crash happened.

Another suggestion by the victim's family is potentially lowering the speed limit in the area, especially in light of the many recent incidents. Reducing the speed limit would reduce the chances of collisions because drivers would have more time to see and react to pedestrians or other vehicles. This could provide time for the driver to stop the vehicle instead of accidentally hitting a pedestrian or other victim. Further, the faster that a vehicle is traveling, the greater the impact of a collision and the more likely it is that the crash will be a deadly one.

The mother of the young man who was killed has described her loss as incomprehensible,  and indicated that the aftermath of the accident was among the hardest time of her life.  If taking simple steps, such as adding more lights or making driver's slow down, would make a difference and prevent future harm from happening, there is little reason not to move forward with trying.

The Villages injury attorney can help you to get full and fair compensation following a death or serious injury. To find out more about the ways in which our legal team can assist you when an accident occurs and you or someone you love is harmed, give us a call today.

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