Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe: Golf Cart Safety Tips

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May 29, 2020 - Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts are a quick and easy way to get around even when you aren’t playing 18-holes. The warm, sunny climate of Florida makes these small vehicles a common sight on not only golf courses, but also along recreational trails and throughout campgrounds. Unfortunately, as with any motorized vehicle, accidents can take place. If you’ve been hurt in a golf cart crash, you need to speak to The Villages golf cart accident attorney.

Below, we provide some important safety tips to cart owners and riders, as many golf cart accidents are preventable. 

Think First: Make Wise Decisions 

When traveling via golf cart, all passengers and operators must keep their arms and legs inside the vehicle. Additionally, nobody should stand up in a moving golf cart (not even while on the platform located at the back of the cart). If seatbelts are available, use them. You are also encouraged to avoid operating the cart on the sidewalk (use only streets and designated areas).

Abide by the Rules of the Road

As the operator of a golf cart, you need to abide by all traffic laws. This means you should not operate the cart while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal narcotics or prescription medications that may impair your ability to drive safely. This also means that you should always try to use golf carts that are equipped with seatbelts. Additionally, never leave the key in an unattended golf cart -- unless you no longer want the vehicle. 

Review the User Manual

If you purchase a golf cart to travel around a retirement community or other type of property, it’s important to review the owner’s manual to learn how to safely use the vehicle. It is important to understand how your cart works, as well as its seating capacity. 

Take it Slow

It’s important to drive slower when operating a golf cart. Many carts do not have doors to keep you safely inside. Avoid speeding, particularly when turning, as well as in bad weather. Slower operation is also best when traveling on inclines and declines. 

Blow Your Horn to Let Others Know You’re in the Area

Golf carts are small and not easily visible like other vehicles. They also operate silently and are not required to have headlights or brake lights. That said, when you’re about to enter an intersection, blow your horn to get noticed.

Contact The Villages Golf Cart Accident Attorney Today

Many of the dangers and risks associated with operating a car or truck are similar to golf carts. To the surprise of many, golf cart accidents tend to happen while off the golf course. However, by abiding by these safety tips, you will know you’ve done everything possible to prevent a collision.

If you or a loved one were involved in a golf cart crash in which there was personal injury or property damage, you need to work with an experienced The Villages golf cart accident attorney who can answer your questions and protect your rights. Contact our office today.

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