Man Faces Charges for Fatal Golf Cart Hit-and-Run

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May 30, 2018 - Golf Cart Accidents

Golf cart accidents happen far more frequently than many people realize, and the consequences of these golf cart accidents can be very dire. In fact, The Villages golf cart accident attorney routinely represents the family members of victims of fatal accidents or represents victims in accidents in which serious injuries have occurred.

Because of the seriousness of golf cart accidents, hit-and-run laws apply to these collisions just as they do to accidents in cars. If a driver leaves the scene of the crash where injury or fatalities occurred, the driver can face criminal charges. In fact, New York Post recently reported on a case in which a 61-year-old man was arrested on felony hit and run charges after a fatal golf cart accident.

Fatal Golf Cart Accident Leads to Hit and Run Charges

According to the New York Post, the fatal accident involved a 49-year-old victim who investigators believe was standing up in the golf cart while the 61-year-old man was driving it.  The victim fell out of the golf cart while the cart was moving and the victim hit his head due to the fall.  The older driver allegedly fled the scene of the accident while witnesses contacted law enforcement who came to the crash scene.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of his head injuries, but unfortunately he died approximately an hour later.  Deputies conducted an investigation after responding to the scene and were able to find the older driver who was subsequently arrested for a hit-and-run because he did not stay at the collision scene or call for help for his injured passenger.

The accident is still currently under investigation by police who are attempting to determine the specific cause of the golf cart accident. Investigators indicate that it is unclear, at this time, whether the older driver of the golf cart had consumed drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. If it is determined that drugs or alcohol played a role in causing the crash, the driver could face more charges including criminal charges for driving while impaired.

Driving a golf cart while intoxicated is considered a violation of drunk driving laws which prevent the operation of many different kinds of vehicles after having consumer alcohol. Those who drive a golf cart or other vehicle while impaired could not only face criminal charges that could result in jail time and the loss of a driver's license, but they could also face a civil lawsuit by injured victims or family members of victims who sustain injury in accidents.

Intoxication is a common cause of golf cart accidents, and if you or someone that you love is hurt in an incident with a golf cart that involves an intoxicated driver or a driver who was otherwise careless in cart operation, The Villages golf cart accident attorney can provide you with the help that you need to obtain compensation for damages. Contact our firm today to learn more about how we can represent you as you pursue a claim for damages.

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