Morse Boulevard Golf Cart Crashes Highlight Risks for Villagers

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September 30, 2022 - Golf Cart Accidents

A string of accidents involving golf carts has raised concerns about traffic safety on Morse Boulevard but so far resulted in little action.

Community Development District 1 appears set to foot the $120,000 bill for a traffic study of the stretch of the boulevard north of County Road 466, according to Villages-News. Still, Sumter County, which owns the road, has shown little interest in addressing safety issues, CDD 1 Supervisor Rocky Hyder told the news outlet.

“Right now there doesn’t seem to be the political will in the county to do something about this project. They have other projects and I understand that,” Hyder said.

Villagers have long complained that Sumter County officials are not taking the hazard seriously. Advocates have been pushing for the study of Morse Boulevard accidents and a review of possible ways to improve safety. That includes rethinking how golf carts and other traffic mix.

Meanwhile, accidents continue. A 70-year-old Villages woman was severely injured in July, for example, when her golf cart was struck by a van, according to Villages-News. The woman was reportedly ejected from the cart in the crash, which happened north of Country Road 466. 

Last year, a 74-year-old man was killed when his golf cart was hit by a Mercedes two-seater driven by a 62-year-old Villager, according to a Villages-News report. The man was leaving the post office on Morse Boulevard north of County Road 466 when his cart entered the path of the car, traveling southbound on Morse Boulevard.

Injured in an Accident? Know Your Rights

Accidents can and do happen, whether it is on Morse Boulevard or elsewhere in the Villages and across the state. When they do occur, crashes can come with serious and life-changing consequences.

There is some good news. People who are injured in accidents in Florida have the right to seek compensation from those responsible, such as negligent drivers and defective vehicle manufacturers. 

That includes money for medical expenses, as well as other financial impacts of the accident. In the tragic event that a person dies in a crash, some family members can seek similar compensation by suing for wrongful death.

Florida’s “no-fault” insurance system is designed to resolve liability questions in many car accidents quickly and streamline the payment of insurance proceeds. The reality, however, is that the system also requires people to jump through a number of hoops to get those benefits and puts some significant limits on the amount and type of claims that can be filed.

That is one of several reasons why it is important to have an experienced accident attorney in your corner. A lawyer can help you identify those responsible for the collision and maximize the monetary damages to which you are entitled.

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