School Bus Crashes Into Golf Cart in South Florida

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April 26, 2019 - Golf Cart Accidents

A harrowing accident involving a golf cart and a school bus recently left at least one person in Palm Beach County with serious injuries.

The bus clipped a golf cart that crossed in front of it on a road in Wellington, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The driver and the one student who was on the bus were not hurt, but the golf cart driver suffered serious injuries after being ejected from the vehicle. It’s not clear whether she was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

The accident slowed traffic in the area as the cart was later towed.

The crash comes as local police in Palm Beach County have cracked down on the use of golf carts that aren’t “street legal.” Florida law allows municipalities to impose certain requirements on those carts in order for them to be used on local roads and streets.

Some 10,000 injuries are attributed to golf cart accidents each year, according to a recent study in The Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Safety Tips for Florida Golf Cart Drivers

The Palm Beach accident is yet another unfortunate reminder of the safety risks that can come with getting behind the wheel of a golf cart.

Accidents are part of life on the road. Although they can and do happen, there are a number of steps that golf carters can take to protect themselves and others.

First, wear a seat belt. These safety devices protect people by keeping them from being thrown from the cart during a crash, which is a common source of injuries and fatalities in golf cart accidents. 

If your cart isn’t equipped with seatbelts you can easily have them added to the vehicle. If you plan to take the cart off of the golf course, state law requires the vehicle to be equipped with seat belts.

As with operating a car or other traditional vehicle, golf cart drivers should refrain from dangerous behavior like speeding, failing to signal turns, using a cell phone or getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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