Six Tips for Evaluating Nursing Homes

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September 30, 2020 - Nursing Home Abuse

Choosing a nursing home is a stressful process due to rampant reports of abuse and neglect in homes across the country. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to investigate their options, or, if they do investigate, don’t know what they’re looking for as signs of abuse.  Red flags may be apparent in even a quick tour, and it’s important to note these flags before making a choice.

Below, our The Villages nursing home attorney covers some tips for evaluating the nursing homes in your area.

Visit the Facility

Observing the facility in person is critical to evaluating whether abuse goes on. When you visit, you can see firsthand how the facility operates, who is on call, and how the residents spend their time. You can also evaluate how clean the facility is, and whether there are any foul smells. Dirty facilities can lead to sickness, poor hygiene for the residents, and other problems.

Meet the Staff

While you’re visiting the nursing homes on your list, visit with the staff there. Visitors are often treated with higher regard and respect, so it may be tough to get a read on how your family member will be treated, but some red flags are obvious—rough, abrasive, or rude staff members, lack of credentials or certifications, little interaction with existing residents, etc. You should also note how many people work at a given time—too little staff can lead to neglect.

Evaluate the Nutrition Options

Many older people have dietary restrictions, and it’s important to check if the facility will accommodate these needs. Even if your loved one doesn’t have a special diet, you should make sure that the food served in the facility is fresh and healthy and makes up balanced meals.

Assess Social Opportunities

Socialization is critical to the health and wellbeing of nursing home residents. It’s not all about getting the right food and the right medical care—residents need to make connections and socialize with other people. Make sure that the facility has common areas, offers activities, and provides options for enjoying the outdoors.

Look Into Security and Safety

A good nursing home should offer security for its residents and should put their safety first. The hallways and rooms should be free of obstacles and clutter that could cause falls. Showers and bathrooms should have grab bars for residents who need them, and the rooms should have emergency call buttons available. The grounds should be fenced-in, to ensure that residents remain at the facility. Any other safety concerns should be taken seriously.

Check Reviews and Complaints

In today’s world, you can find information about anything online. Once you’ve visited the facilities on your list, and narrowed down your options, get online and check them out. Look for reviews, complaints, and comments—anything that could indicate potential problems. Check the Better Business Bureau for any information and look for health department reports.

Let Our The Villages Nursing Home Attorney Help

Taking the time to evaluate the nursing homes you’re considering can go a long way towards preventing abuse and protecting your loved ones. These tips can help you look for red flags and be aware of potential problems. Contact The Villages nursing home attorney today for help.

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