Villages Hit-and-Run Golf Cart Accidents Start New Year on Familiar Note

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February 17, 2023 - Golf Cart Accidents

A pair of hit-and-run golf cart crashes in the Villages in January should serve as a reminder that, as the calendar year changes, the threat posed by negligent drivers remains the same.

A 58-year-old visiting from North Carolina was arrested in mid-January and accused of drunk driving after allegedly fleeing the scene of a golf cart crash, according to Villages-News. Less than a week later, another golf cart driver allegedly caused a hit-and-run collision that left one Villager injured.

The arrest came after the North Carolina woman was involved in an accident in which the golf cart she was driving collided with another vehicle, Villages-News reports. The woman reportedly drove away after being instructed by a police officer who arrived on the scene to remain in the golf cart while he obtained information from the other driver.

“She kept going until she reached the Comfort Suites hotel where she finally stopped. She resisted the efforts of officers who attempted to take her into custody,” Meta Minton writes for Villages-News. “She was forced to sit on the grass by an officer and then shifted into a prone position. She was placed in handcuffs but continued to struggle, kicking an officer in the shin. She was put into a patrol car where she continued kicking, causing damage to the interior of the vehicle.”

The woman was charged with driving under the influence, in addition to battery and leaving the scene of an accident. She was taken to Lake County Jail and held on a $9,500 bond.

The second crash occurred when a golf cart driver allegedly ran a cyclist off the path at Morse Boulevard near Deskin Lane. The three-wheel bike, which Villages-News said weighed about 57 lbs., flipped over on top of the cyclist and trapped the woman underneath.

The man behind the wheel of the golf cart involved in the crash initially stopped and offered to help. When he was asked to provide information, however, he reportedly jumped in the cart and sped off.

Injured in a Hit-and-Run Accident? Know Your Rights

Hit-and-run accidents add insult to the injuries that often come with accidents, whether the person struck is in a car, golf cart, bicycle or traveling by two feet

These types of crashes put injured people in an even more vulnerable position by potentially delaying the time it takes for emergency medical service providers to be alerted of the accident and arrive on the scene.

Anyone who is injured in a hit-and-run accident in The Villages has the right to take action against those responsible and seek compensation for the injuries.

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